IEEE 802 Ballot Tally
The Ballot Tally is an application for automatically counting and displaying the votes for any ballot in an IEEE 802 Mailing List.

It is cross platform, easy to use, and gives precise results.

The application has only been tested for the 802.1 Mailing List. View the Online Documentation for more information. You can download a copy for either Macintosh or Windows below.
Screenshot of Ballot Tally v1.2
New Features
  • Support for both Working Group and Task Force ballots
  • May include a voters list to limit whose votes count
  • Performs searches for similar ballot names
  • Automatically remembers and associates inconsistencies in the voter's lists
  • Saves output to a universally compatible text file
  • Ability to filter results by a range of dates
  • View any vote's e-mail
  • Upon repeated launches, will stay logged in and remember your last input

Upcoming Features
  • Support for Recirculation Ballots