Agenda for 28 August 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland at WRC-2007 African Information Meeting

“Session dedicated to other organizations”




"Summary of Results of Report ITU-R M.2079 [IMT.CANDI], [IMT.ESTIMATE] and the CPM Report",

presented by Cengiz Evci (Alcatel-Lucent) on behalf of mib

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“UMTS Forum views on the spectrum availability for IMT (including UMTS) to remove the Digital Divide”,
presented by Lamia Delenda and Lasse Wieweg on behalf of UMTS Forum

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“WRC-07 and Digital Inclusion in Africa"

presented by Ross Bateson, GSM Association

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“WRC-07 Decisions on spectrum for Mobile Services in the UHF Band: A vision enabling Africa to enjoy the benefits of mobile broadband access”,

presented by Stephen Priestman, Vodafone

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Also Satellite Presentations

Presented by SES Global and Intelsat and Inmarsat.