About mib

The Mobile Industry Backing (mib) Terrestrial Spectrum for IMT (“mib” for short) is an industry group that is promoting in collaboration with the forums (see picture below), on a technology-neutral basis, the preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07) Agenda Item 1.4:

to consider frequency-related matters for the future development of IMT‑2000 and systems beyond IMT‑2000 taking into account the results of ITU‑R studies in accordance with Resolution 228 (Rev. WRC‑03)”.  

The approach of mib is to use the results of the studies in ITU-R Working Party 8F and additional material, particularly focusing on the telecommunication trends and the resulting benefits from services and applications that will be made possible by the identification/allocation of spectrum under Agenda Item 1.4.  An objective is also to demonstrate that WRC-07 is the right time for such identification/allocation.

mib is preparing seminars as outlined in this web site.  For further information please contact José Costa at +1 613 667-0456.